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Micro molding plastic bushings inside capsule.

Looking for a manufacturing process that can produce extremely small parts with tight tolerances?

Micro Molding is your Solution.

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Micro molding plastic bushings inside capsule.

Looking for a manufacturing process that can produce extremely small parts with tight tolerances?


Micro Molding is your Solution.

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This manufacturing process is perfect for businesses
that require parts that are extremely small and precise.

What is Micro Molding?

Micro molding – also known as micro injection molding – is a high-precision injection molding process that can create parts that are extremely small and precise. To create a micro mold, a highly detailed tool is used to shape a final part. Once the micro mold is created, it is placed into a micro molding machine where it is filled with molten plastic. The plastic is then injected into the micro mold under high pressure, and cooled to form the final part.

Micro molding of gears sitting on top of a dime.

Our Micro Molding Process

The micro molding design process begins with an analysis of the desired part, followed by designing the mold to meet specified tolerances and withstand high temperatures and pressures.
During the prototype phase, a die is created with the desired shape, and then molten plastic is injected into the die under high pressure to create the part known as a micro injection unit.
Once the part is refined in the prototype phase, automated assembly allows for highly accurate parts produced at high-volumes.

Trusted by Customers from Around the Globe

At Mikrotech, we believe that collaboration is key to the success of any project. Our team works closely with our customers, listening to their needs and providing technical assistance throughout the process. 
This customer-focused approach ensures that every micro molding project is carried out with transparency and accountability. Our team can help you with everything from prototyping to manufacturing, ensuring that we meet your expectations. So if you’re looking for a micro molder that offers complete transparency and expert assistance, look no further than Mikrotech. 
We’ll work alongside you from start to finish, ensuring complete satisfaction along the way. We have everything you need to turn your ideas into reality, whether you’re doing rapid prototyping or large-scale production. 

Common Applications for Micro Molding

Micro molding is well suited for applications that require extremely precise and detailed parts.

Icon representing medical and healthcare.
Icon representing aerospace and defense.
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Icon representing medical and healthcare.

Medical & Healthcare

• Small molded vascular tips
• Drug delivery devices
• Miniature surgical instruments
• Optical and hearing aides

Icon representing aerospace and defense.

Aerospace & Defense

• Precision avionics
• Miniature gears
• Micro sensors

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• Micro motors
• Miniature seals
• Small gaskets
• Thin bushings

How is micro molding different from conventional injection molding?

Micro molds of several screws.
Micro molding is a specialized process that differs significantly from conventional injection molding. One of the biggest challenges in micro molding is that many of the principles of conventional injection molding simply do not apply. This is due to the fact that micro parts tend to be very small and often have intricate geometries. As a result, even minor changes to the process can have a dramatic impact on the final part. 
In addition, micro molding requires a high level of precision in order to produce parts that meet the stringent requirements of today’s microelectronics market. As a result, micro molding is truly a unique challenge that requires special expertise and knowledge.

Equipment We Use

The right micro molding technology is essential for manufacturing complex, high precision plastic components.

• Nissei Nex III Series – 15 ton molding press
• Wittman Micropower- 5-15 ton molding press
• Battenfeld Microsystem – 5 ton molding press
• Wittman-Battenfeld Cartesian Robots

Micro molding can be used to create parts with wall thicknesses as low as .003 in (.08 mm), and maintain dimensional tolerances of ±.0002 in (±.005 mm). In addition, micro molding can be used to create holes as small as .0046 in (.12 mm, or about the thickness of a human hair) 2. Thanks to its versatility and precision, micro molding is used in a wide variety of applications, from medical devices, aerospace, and industrial uses.

What materials can be used as molded parts?

As material engineers, we are often asked about the most common materials used when creating micro sized parts. While there are many different types of materials, some of the most common include:

• PP



• PC





Micro mold of an optical lens sitting beside a penny.

Each of these materials has unique characteristics that make it well-suited for certain applications. For example, ABS is tough and impact-resistant, making it ideal for products that will see a lot of wear and tear. Meanwhile, PEEK is heat-resistant and has excellent mechanical strength, making it a good choice for high-temperature applications. Ultimately, the right material for a given application will depend on a variety of factors.

Customer Success Stories

Two leading medical device companies approached Mikrotech after experiencing quality issues with their current suppliers. We started by reviewing and improving the tool design for the micro mold. We were able to improve tool life and the overall quality of the part. We also developed a new production process that reduced waste and lowered costs. 
As a result, we were able to provide the companies with a product that met their high standards and met their delivery.
– Customer #1
Another healthcare company approached us about producing a component for their minimally invasive surgical device. Due to the resin and part size, several injection molding companies declined to quote this complex component. Within 6 months, we worked with the client to design, launch, and validate this component.
– Customer #2

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