Manufacturing Engineering Assistance

Our staff of experienced engineers have extensive expertise in:
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing Process Recommendations
  • Component Design Recommendations for Manufacturing Feasibility
  • Material Selection Assistance
Mikrotech partners with key suppliers to offer these additional services:
  • Materials Testing
    • Molecular Weight Analysis
    • GPC Testing
    • Ash Content Testing
    • Shrink Rate Testing
  • Part Analysis
    • CT Scanning
    • Part to CAD Model Comparison
    • Mold Flow Analysis
For more information about our areas of expertise and services, please contact us.

Manufacturing Assistance FAQs

What type of manufacturing assistance do you provide?

In the pre-prototype phase, we can make design recommendations for machining and manufacturing that will ensure the feasibility of the component’s design. Whether it’s machining, molding or assembly, based on our customer’s application, we can recommend the proper material to run on it.

Can any part be manufactured?

Not all parts can be manufactured as designed. Unlike many of our competitors, however, Mikrotech is willing to take on the most difficult component design and come up with creative solutions to provide a part to the customer that will complete their application.

How much experience does your team have to provide this assistance?

We are a close-knit team of seasoned professionals, each of whom brings between five and 25 years of molding and micro molding experience. We are experts in part design feasibility, materials selection, micro tooling, and micro applications. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers, and providing the highest level of service and expertise through every step of the project. Meet our team.

Does Mikrotech make micro tools in-house?

We have long-term relationships with tooling suppliers that are experts in micro mold making. These partnerships enable us to produce custom precision parts to meet the needs of our customers. We partner with best-of-class companies to provide customers additional services we don’t offer in house.

What troubleshooting do you provide your customers?

We have developed a process of testing certain parameters and conducting analyses from top to bottom, from manufacturing to quality assurance, to ensure precision and to work out flaws. This includes: design of experiments, production quality runs, and full article inspections.

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